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Vegan Costco Essentials

Vegan Costco Essentials

I’ve found Costco has the best price on a lot of our favorite everyday vegan items. I am also extremely impressed with the quality of these products as well. I still like to purchase most of our produce from Sprouts or the Farmers market nearby but some of the produce at Costco is definitely worth buying in bulk.

We are limiting ourselves to one trip there a month to avoid the Costco effect. What’s the Costco effect? I don’t know what they do there but we always forget our budget and feel like we NEED way more items than we set out to by. Target also has that same effect me. I set out to buy ONE thing and a few hours later I realize that I forgot that one thing that I needed.

So here is my list from our previous trip:


Avocados, baby carrots, spinach, apples, medjool dates

Pantry Items:

Quinoa, Nutiva hemp seeds, Kirkland unsalted mixed nuts, coconut oil, Kirkland Peanut Butter, Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, Edamame Spaghetti


Kirkland unsweetened almond milk, Kirkland Original hummus, Wholly Guacamole


Don Lee Farms Superfood Veggie Burgers, Organic Strawberries, and Organic blueberries


Organic Tortilla Chips (Great to pair with hummus or guacomole)

What are your favorite Costco essentials? I am always looking for more Costco meal ideas!


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